Gijón has the virtue of being one of those cities that know how to go against the flow, instinctively reinventing themselves with the passing of time. In recent years, it has allied itself with the spontaneously vibrant cities that extend along the Bay of Biscay from San Sebastián to La Coruña. It may be due to the Cantabrian Sea that bathes these shores and keeps the coastal capitals of northern Spain wide-awake.


With the echo of its industrial past still present, it has managed to reinvent itself as a modern, charismatic, cosmopolitan city with a beguiling nightlife: intimate and hassle-free in winter, while opening up to its beaches and street life in summer. A drastic yet harmonious metamorphosis, deep-rooted in its history.


On the same hill where the Romans laid the founding stones of the town, a monumental sculpture by Eduardo Chillida now rises up, paradigm of the avant-garde. The local cuisine maintains the flavour and aroma of the old fishing quarter, Cimavilla. While the Enlightenment was ushered in by Jovellanos almost three centuries ago, Gijón nowadays boasts an intense cultural scene –musical, literary and ethnographic– on which the curtain never goes down at any time during the year.



A city in which blue and green blend into a landscape of urban and rural contrasts

  • 4 urban beaches
  • 6 beaches in the rural area around the city
  • 1 aquarium
  • 1 thalassotherapy centre
  • 2 marinas
  • 4 Golf Courses
  • 52 parks
  • 7 gardens
  • The first Atlantic botanical garden in Spain



During the whole year: inside or out in the street. If you choose to be indoors, you have the International Film Festival, the European Festival of Children’s Theatre, dance, theatre or the International Equestrian Championship. However, if you prefer to be outside, you will be able to dance around a bonfire on the night of Saint John, walk the procession routes of Easter Week, listen to concerts with “Arte en la calle”, discover the culture of Arco Atlántico or take part in the Natural Cider Festival (which has been declared to be of interest for tourism).



We are a city of traditions and the avant garde, making this clear in the 15 museums and cultural facilities which offer many types of experiences: archaeology, references to our rural and industrial past, our finest painting and our contemporary creativity. A complete luxury without leaving the city.



You have surely heard that people eat very well in Asturias. But did you know that in Gijon you can use gastronomy as the thread which guides your discoveries in the city? Our “Gijon Goloso” (sweet-toothed Gijon) guides you through our streets, entering the most traditional patisseries and ice-cream parlours. The “Ruta de la Sidra” (cider route) will take you out to lose yourself in our countryside, discovering our traditions and trying our drink. “Gijon Gourmet” will ensure that you enjoy exclusive menus.



We have two thousand years of experience in hospitality. Gijón is where ancient ways cross: it stands at one end of the “Silver Rourte” and is a stage of the pilgrimage route Santiago de Compostela (The Way of St. James)


Proclaimed the City of Science and Innovation, we have more innovative companies than any other Asturian city.

Although creativity in a broad sense and new trends are widespread in the city, its innovative heart lies in the “Mile of Knowledge”: this large park contains the Science and Technology Park, the Universidad Laboral Campus, the City of Culture and the Centre for Art and Industrial Creation.


Our history is strongly influenced by the Cantabrian Sea. At the heart of the most cosmopolitan city in Asturias, its historic quarter, Cimavilla, is dominated by its seaport atmosphere. But if there is one thing which expresses the influence of the sea on the city, this is our gastronomy. The Cantabrian Sea supplies the high quality ingredients which are used to make some of our most authentic dishes.


One of the attractions of our lively nightlife is that you can enjoy yourself without any problems until very late at night. Gijón is one of the safest cities in Spain with an extremely low crime rate so that while here you only need to take the same basic precautions as for any other trip.



We take care of our natural surroundings, protecting our historical heritage and traditions. We strive to ensure that everyone, residents and visitors, enjoys a good quality of life, improving the accessibility of the city and its services. All of these qualities have been recognized by accreditation as a Destination Committed to Sustainable Tourism (Biosphere World Urban Destination)


More info is available at www.gijon.info

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